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Powerful Tools to Reach Your Flexibility and Mobility Goals

Our bodies are innately made to move, adapt - be mobile. Through her private coaching, signature programs, and community-centered offerings, Schyler will help you finally achieve your flexibility, mobility, and other movement goals on your terms using an efficient, research-based approach.

About Schyler

Schyler is a former Stanford cheerleader, pole artist, weight lifter, and overall movement enthusiast. Her specialty is research and data-driven yoga, flexibility/mobility training, and cross-training. She has over 13 years of experience performing and helping high-achievers in career and fitness move and perform at their best.Schyler understands what is required for movers of all kinds - from top-performing athletes to professionals seeking enhanced physical and mental well-being - to maximize their potential. She is dedicated to helping her students find ways to enjoy movement that fits their schedule, lifestyle, and goals. She offers a range of options to achieve your goals from 1:1 coaching to programs tailored to giving you the tools to succeed on your own. By working with Schyler you will stretch, strengthen, and take your movement practices to the next level.Schyler is the founder of Schyler Cole Yoga and Movement, LLC and the yoga and movement brand Honor Your Flex, dedicated to supporting enjoyable, sustainable, and effective movement practices by celebrating each individual’s journey and promoting mutual accountability.

Private and Semi-Private coaching

Schyler offers flexibility and mobility-focused private + semi-private coaching as well as "Learn English Through Yoga" private + semi-private coaching for Japanese speakers.All programs are 100% customized for your body, goals, and schedule!

Honor your flex

Move better.Achieve your goals.Maximize your potential.The Honor Your Flex approach is the fastest and most effective way to achieve your flexibility goals AND create systems for continued success in movement and other areas of life.Get my FREE Flexibility Check and Form Checklist for free then see which Honor Your Flex program will work best for you!

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SOGO Yoga: Stretch and Strengthen

Weekly community classes in Tokyo offering a mix of Vinyasa flow and mobility training.

Body & Mind Mobility Series

Through this four-class series, students will explore and practice yoga sequences to increase physical mobility and flexibility while developing more resilient mental frameworks.Each session will focus on one or more body parts. Classes are friendly to all levels! Modifications will be provided for all moves.Online and In-Person

Fitness League by SCC

Yoga, hiking, and more meets startup and tech networking!For the latest, check out the Meetup page!

A program 100% customized for your body, goals, and schedule!


Online Coaching

– 4 x 1 Hour Weekly Sessions –
$80 USD/hour
Single Session
$120 USD/hour
6-Week Program
$110 USD/hour

In-Person Coaching

– First 1 Hour Session –
$90 USD/hour
Single Session
$130 USD/hour
6-Week Program
$115 USD/hour

One-Time Custom Plan

A one-time plan tailored to your goals, body, and time!$150Including email access for questions answered in 48 hours.

2 + 2 Program

2 Months. 2 Goals.Get laser-focused on your top movement goals. Receive a custom plan and 1:1 coaching to see rapid and sustainable results.

12 Week Mobility Toolkit Program

The 16-Week Program is the best way to achieve your goals fast and gain the skills to keep progressing on your own!Email for more information on each option to achieve your goals !

All multi-session packages include a free 30-minute consultation!


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